AVIATION – Turbines

Global aviation technology is in the “single crystal” era. The system exceeds the limits of crystal, ensuring safer aircraft with a longer useful life.

R&D work in progress at Firmametal Teknopark is developing complicated alloys like CA6NM, used in the nuclear and energy industries with existing conventional systems, as well as “single crystal turbine blades” for the aviation industry, blades which can be manufactured by new-generation Laser 3D printers and new generation materials that can be used in the production of other critical components.

These goals will be achieved through R&D and investment into new-generation systems for the world’s leading materials science work.

These new-generation systems include:
VIM-IC (Vacuum Induction Melting-Investment Casting) single crystal
VIGA (Vacuum Induction-Melting Inert Gas Atomization)
Super Alloy powders
+EIGA (Electrode Induction-Melting Inert Gas Atomization) Titanium-based powders