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Firmametal, an Intergroup company, undertakes hi-tech production for customers in Turkey and across Europe. Leveraging the company’s many years of experience, Firmametal produces finished, semi-finished and customer-specific products in full compliance with all applicable EU standards. As a solution partner, Firmametal supplies added value to Europe’s most successful enterprises through the hi-tech solutions it delivers.

The company’s many years of engineering and production experience have led to the creation of the Intergroup ecosystem through which Firmametal has been transferring its fund of knowledge to other companies in the group and, together, engaging in and overseeing advanced production techniques. Thanks to the technology, know-how and cooperative opportunities available to its business model,

Firmametal is able to develop and manufacture difficult, cutting-edge components in full compliance with EU standards. All components produced are supplied only after full quality assurance has been conducted, in detail, at each phase of production.

What We Do?

Firmametal develops and produces high strength intricate parts for scaffoldings, hydraulic turbine runners and its severe cavitation-resistant components, armor for the defense and heavy machine industry high-strength components, heat-resistant high-alloyed special steel products and high corrosion-resistant special stainless steel products. These activities are grouped into five main segments: hi-tech casting, forging, die-casting, stamping precision machining and processing techniques.

The components are further processed by a range of technologies, each considered on an advanced level in their own segments. These advanced technologies are carefully guided by Firmametal’s many years of experience in the domains of materials sciences and related technologies, the company’s partnerships with the world’s giant firms, the company’s own expertise and the collected experience of all the Intergroup companies. Firma manufactures each and every one of its products in compliance with all relevant national, international and EU standards.

Firmametal enforces activities in line with global standards in a market without established standards, and in sectors where audits are not compulsory. No project is considered complete unless a certificate of conformity to an international accreditation system has been received. Firmametal core focus is on products produced in Turkey and certified by international certification organizations.

What We Produce?

Firmametal clients, require extensive cooperation in a number of sensitive and hi-tech operations of its production operations. Firmametal uses the power of technology and the company’s expertise in materials science and technologies to develop and produce products.

Firmametal designs and produces sixteen different scaffolding system components for European companies, and more for other manufacturers around the world. Some of these components are fittings such as clamps, couplers and safety screws, locks, any scaffolding system’s the most critical components that link together and support the scaffold.

Firmametal undertakes all stylistic and physical design, and material and manufacturing design, of each of these products if necessary. Firma’s R&D responsibilities include the selection of metals and alloys to be used in the development of the product, the determination of the production program to be followed, setting the target ratio of alloying elements and the conditions and route that they will be applied, and the product’s physical engineering requirements. Any precision product, which cannot be sourced on the open market, is manufactured specifically for customers. High levels of technical competency and expertise are required throughout the development and production phases.

Firmametal plans, establishes, approves and supervises all production processes and technical specifications of all components produced by the company itself or, in semi-finished form, by other Intergroup organizations. All products are delivered with Firmametal’s assurance.

Firmametal cooperate on the basis of full-scope, exclusive scaffolding systems’ components manufacturing production agreements. Acting together across each phase of production, Firmametal work in full cooperation for the best possible results. The required certifications, as described above, required all process – from raw materials to finished products – to be fully approved before delivery of the product to customers.

Where Do We Produce?

With operations currently based in Bursa, Firmametal will soon move to a new 30,000 square meter premises in the Yalova Specialized Organized Industrial Zone. This will be the first specialized organized industrial zone in Turkey. All of the firms and factories operating on this site will be able to take advantage of the R&D center there built by Technical University and TÜBİTAK, a perfect fit with Firmametal’s R&D and advanced technology-oriented approach. The specialty industry operating in this new industrial zone will be supported by different tax rates and other incentives. The goal is for this industrial zone to become an important point in the world market, complete with foreign guest residences, convention centers and specialist services. Firmametal presence in this industrial zone, from 2016, will become an important part of its overall operations.