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Market Strategy

Specialized in the production of metal finished products requiring advanced technology and precision production, Firmametal serves many industries, particularly the defense, energy and heavy machinery industries.

Firmametal collaborates with other companies for the design and production of high added-value metal products requiring advanced technology in various industries. Firmametal’s current and future priorities include becoming a part of the ecosystem of pioneering companies, proven in the international arena.

Firmametal’s long-term target and investment market includes Europe and developed countries. Firmametal is laying the foundations of long-term collaboration by developing relationships with the universities and chambers of commerce and industry in its target countries. By correctly analyzing the human resources and cost needs of European subsidiary industries, Firmametal works with companies that have a good command of production technologies.

Firmametal tries to complete labor-intense processes in Turkey and complete advanced finishing processes in Europe with robotic technologies. With the ability to finish production at a distance through its partners, store at that location, establish logistic connections to the system and find affordable transportation solutions, Firmametal proves to partners that production is not impacted by global crises.

Firmametal does not compete in main products in its target markets, but plans its business strategies around global integration. The company’s competitive edge is highlighted by its power to produce main products. It thereby both strengthens the Eco Partnership” system each day and also gains the opportunity to use its expertise in various industries. Firmametal’s has a competitive edge in its market strategy. Believing that there are 3 rules to competition in global markets, Firmametal fulfills these rules of quality, timely delivery and affordable price.

Firmametal has proved its engineering experience in the global market with the precision fittings it produces “exclusively” for the largest scaffolding systems manufacturers in the world, particularly Europe.

While partnering once more with global companies to create “hydropower” systems for the energy industry, Firmametal continues its production activities without interruption.

Due to the depth of its experience, Firmametal has the energy and know-how to engage in areas which are considered “niche” in Turkey, such as turbine wheels. The defense industry and the heavy and light machinery industry that demand low-alloy and high-endurance products are also among Firmametal’s priorities.

Making progress in the field of stainless-steel, Firmametal aims to carry out new projects through international collaboration in lines of business such as refineries and chemical facilities in particular. Firmametal is well-placed to respond to the demands of refineries in the chemical industry, due to its specialist experience in high-corrosion resistant steel production.