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R&D and Technology


R&D is integrated into all processes at Firmametal. R&D focuses on the research necessary to develop each product range and includes collaboration with TUBITAK as well as domestic and overseas universities. Firmametal’s pioneering R&D activities are based on laboratory and R&D system collaborations established with universities and companies from the late seventies onwards. The new site at the Yalova Specialized Organized Industrial Zone is structured around R&D focused on innovative new products.

R&D teams work in partnership with other companies at home and abroad. With its experience of operating in various industries, Firmametal is able to master the language of each industry and accurately convey client demands to R&D. Based on its R&D and “know-how”, Firmametal knows where and how to use which technology for any product requested. It can also develop the bespoke technology required for particular products without being limited by materials.

Firmametal combines its expertise in materials science and technologies with experience in product development, positioning R&D at the center of a large ecosystem and carrying out specific development works for each product requested.

Firmametal aims to produce the parts needed by the energy, aviation and defense industries in Turkey.

Certain parts are currently being specifically developed and produced for these sectors.

– Production of the FNSS-PARS8X8 rotor prototype has been completed. Development works are ongoing at the R&D Center in the Technopark.

Works are planned in the short and medium term for certain imported parts used in energy generation systems, and also for cannon casing and bearing frames used in tanks. In the near future, there will be collaborations with organizations such as Boeing, Aselsan, Roketsan, Tai, Tei, Tusaş and SSM.

The Firmametal R&D Center Technopark is located in Istanbul.

Ongoing R&D projects:

  • Developing advanced-technology, steel-cast, local HPP turbine wheels, resistant to highly abrasive corrosion and free oxygen cavitation, with high durability and endurance at subzero temperatures:

They will be suitable for uses such as wheels and guide vanes in hydroelectric power plants in Turkey and around the world.

Areas of use:

The energy industry

  • Material development for Class 1 and Class 2 armor and bearing assemblies for the defense industry.

The project is to locally develop and manufacture prototypes of materials for Class 1 and Class 2 armor and bearing assemblies meeting the applicable test requirements.

Areas of use:

The industrial sector

  • Developing the housing of hydraulic pumps used in the landing gears of aircraft

No manufacturer was found in Turkey for this project, which includes the production of the housing of hydraulic pumps used to open landing gears in all aircraft. Firmametal is carrying out a project specific to Boeing for the first time.

Areas of use:

Civil and Private Aviation Industry

The industrial sector