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Defence Industry – Armor

The defense industry naturally needs long-lasting equipment resistant to all kinds of harsh conditions. Firmametal ensures the required level of endurance using a special method of refining. Work on new products is conducted by refining the materials in melting furnaces using conventional methods. Our technologies ensure that manufactured parts are as durable as the purity level of the materials.

Through our work, the use of technology is expanded to basic processes, making it more accessible. The durable materials we manufacture make a critical contribution to the manufacturing of artillery seat, shaft bedding and railway connections.
For example, we clean unwanted particles that form at crystal limits through methods developed by R&D, ensuring durable material resistant to dangerous cracks.

In summary, we implement a system with a special carbon boiling method using conventional induction, which is more cost-efficient in terms of initial investment. Irregular elements and gases are eliminated with “argon blowing” and “slag discharge” methods. When steel is refined, a clean and highly-resistant pure material is produced. The graduated heat processes which follow enable us to manufacture world-class materials.

Materials science is a detailed one. Our innovative work in the field of materials science, the science and profession of the future, creates lighter, more durable, long-lasting defense industry equipment suitable for use in all kinds of conditions.

Thanks to the new skills we have developed in science technology and practice, products previously imported from Germany or USA are now made in Turkey. It gives us great pleasure to contribute to reducing external dependence.