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Kaplan Turbine

Kaplan turbines provide the highest efficiency across a broad configuration range.

Kaplan turbines are mostly used in the low-head class with large volumes of water. The adjustability of the guide vanes and the wheel blades means that varying water flow rate can be used in the most appropriate way.

Requiring precision engineering and advanced technology, Kaplan turbines are produced with Firmametal’s expertise in material science and technologies. Kaplan turbines offer various implementation options. These are possible through double regulation of the higher runner blades and guide blades. Suitable for large volumes of water and low heads in particular, these features make Kaplan turbines suitable for use in river-type power plants located on large rivers. Firmametal can assist in the production of various versions of Kaplan turbines suited to the differing needs of customers: spiral, pit, separated and tubular turbines.

Mini Grid Kaplan

Today, majority of the rural population around the world, particularly populations living in remote rural areas of the emerging countries, don’t have access to electricity. People who live in these rural areas in scant populations do not have access to the extensions of a national grid connection. As an alternative solution to the technical difficulties and the high costs associated with the national grid connections, Mini Grid Kaplan, a compact hydropower system has been proposed. Mini Grid Kaplan is a decentralized grid solution offering a safe, sustainable, affordable and renewable energy to the rural off-grid areas, aiming to support the rural development.