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Our Vision

Due to the company’s expertise in the material sciences and related technologies, Firmametal, in partnership with internationally successful companies, can co-manufacture difficult products that require precision engineering combined with cutting-edge technologies.

In order to be the preferred materials science and technologies choice ahead of other similar organizations, Firmametal conducts its own investigations into new technologies, carefully builds up its engineering experience while adopting new design and quality standards for use in all of the finished, semi-finished and customer-specific products it produces.

Firmametal’s core values are production quality, advanced technologies, expertise and mutual trust. The company transfers its values and collections of knowledge the other Intergroup companies, and also designs and implements local and regional subsystems that comply with Firmametal’s international partner companies’ standards.

The final, critical parts of the production processes, whose main production stages are completed within the ecosystem, are finalized in Firmametal’s own factories after security checks.

Our Goals

Firmametal targets those sectors for which it can design and manufacture high-tech high value-added products, for world’s leading manufacturing companies. Being in continuous cooperation with universities and with TÜBİTAK, Firmametal’s goal is the manufacture of innovation-focused, hi-tech products in partnership with the sub-contracting Intergroup companies. Recently the company has been conducting studies related to the production of High-tech stainless Turbine Runners for Power Generation Plants, and derivatives High-tech Stainless severe Corrosion Resistance and Heat Resistant parts and, High Strength material parts for Heavy Industry Machinery and certified High Strength Anchor Chains required by those ships on defense industry and Special Super Alloys for Airspace industry. Firmametal conducts its research studies only in cooperation with specialized firms with pre-existing international experience.