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High-Strength Components

Precision Technology and Expertise

Many low-alloy, high-strength products require precision technology and expertise to develop. Firmametal is one of the rare firms in Turkey able to cast low-alloy, high-strength products. Such technology can be applied to different products across many different sectors, particularly in the machine industry. Another example is the anchor chains that Firmametal has previously produced for NATO. Certified for use in deep offshore waters, these anchor chains must have different properties when used in the defense industry compared to the typical merchant maritime. For example, when a ship breaks down offshore, it starts to drift. It can only be rescued from drift through the weight of its anchor and chain. Such high-strength anchors and chains can only be produced by those companies specialized in materials sciences and technologies – such as Firmametal. In the defense industry different properties are required. When a ships must depart rapidly from where they are moored, they need a lighter chain but one that has the same strength as standard heavy ones so that the chain can be collected rapidly. That means very high strength with low alloying in questions to produce. Thanks to Firma’s ability to produce hi-strength chains of only one-third of the same weight, Firmametal is the leader in this field.

Hi-Strength Steel Production

Firmametal has been able to make great developments in its steel’s tensile-rupture resistance due to the company’s R&D efforts, its accumulated knowledge and the company’s advanced technologies. It was due to this expertise that Firmametal was selected to provide the armoring operation for the M48 Battle tank. Though weapons industry developments challenge current armor technologies, armoring with resistant sheet metal production is still one of the most effective methods used by Firmametal. It is also an indication of Firmametal’s expertise in materials technologies.