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Precision Machining

Standard finishing processes started to lose popularity after conventional treatments were gradually abandoned and turning lathes were replaced by CNC mills. Today, Firmametal bases its entire ecosystem on precision machining processing. Following the appearance of five-axis CNC mills, the need for experts who can use such machines properly and effectively greatly increased.


Firmametal was able to respond to a range of production demands by different industrial sectors through its existing expertise on the five-dimensional measurement counters. This materials science and related technologies expertise is displayed in all of the company’s processes, from the entry of a product into the enterprise to its final departure. In these precision machining processes in which tolerances are measured by the micron, even where the machine is placed and the machine’s environmental conditions play important roles. Firmametal is deeply involved in all steps, including setting up the CNC mill, recalibrating of the mill, component measurement, the collection of all statistical data and quality follow-up operations.