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Precision Sheet Metal Stamping


Precision stamping requires sheet metal to be cut to a shaped blank, following which this blank is further progressively shaped by dies on single-shot or progressive dies with feed machines. This treatment requires extreme precision. Shaping can result in an accuracy of 0.5 mm. any mistakes when dealing with tolerances of five tenths of a millimeter result in wastages of both time and material. If the desired precision is not delivered, the stipulated form cannot be produced. Precision stamping technology steps in here. Individual values are determined and the machine is set for each processing stage of five or six stages. Interleaving of the sheet metal and processing it with zero error both require precision die technology.


Firmametal pays careful attention to each step, from die design to the final lightness and strength of the produced component. Firma’s open communication in R&D, its general technology sharing, the expertise of Firmametal in the material sciences and related technologies, and its wealth of knowledge in relation to die technologies are all significant here. Each factor – the product type, its structure, its expected property values and the practicality of the materials to be used – is evaluated by Firmametal.