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Welding Construction

Welding process is the combining of materials in the welded area though the application of heat and optionally pressure with or without an additional material. If welding is not performed properly an extremely dangerous situation can result. To provide a precise and proper welding process, before the process starts it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the properties of the material to be welded, the application area, and the effects of the combined components on the whole construction.

Welding Technique

A metallurgical bond is the result of the welding process. While the welding combines two metals, it carries out this by deforming the texture in the background. Great tensions can occur in the area affected by the welding heat. Unless proper and precise welding is performed, these tensions may later become cracks or a piece may break off. If the weld was part of a construction, the linkage will be shattered. Therefore, welding – a branch of metallurgy – requires quite precise processing. Welding in projects requiring cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering calculations can only be performed by the highly trained welders specialized in welding engineering and experienced in different applications.


Certified Welders

All welders performing welding construction work must hold a TÜV-approved certificate. Having been evaluated for specific classes, welders are entitled to receive such a certificate following training and examinations. A precision welding task to be performed on, say, an airport roof or a natural gas pipeline, can only be carried out by the appropriately certified welders. This is because such welding has to be very robust in terms of resistance to stress. Only certified, professional welders can know on which surface, through which electrode and under which conditions a welding process can be performed or how the tension which comes up due to the heat produced during the welding should be dealt with. Standard welders do not have such competencies.

It is essential that well-trained welders are being utilized in those projects that require advanced technologies and advanced engineering calculations. The enterprises engaged such projects demand to work with certified welders. Likewise, Firmametal only works with certified welders in its advanced projects. The ability to transfer its materials science expertise and experience to the construction domain is one the most important factors making Firmametal stand out from its rivals.


Precision Welding Expertise

Firmametal provides the best examples of precision-welding expertise in projects conducted for several national and international partnering companies operating in different sectors. All such projects require special technologies and techniques. Many projects require high-strength and precision welding expertise, for example, in the construction welding of support legs supporting solar panels of approximately 65 meters in size.

While working with certified welders, Firmametal also provides them with training, expertise and technological support in association with the products it custom manufactures for different enterprises. Many processes for special product welding at Firmametal provide guidance for certified welders. Thanks to the company’s knowledge of and its experience in heat treatment techniques, Firmametal enables the easy recovery of affected zones’ high strength following welding. All the processes that any enterprise wishing to perform welding can be achieved via the expertise and experience of Firmametal.